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Reston Runners Community Fund (RRCF)

In 2012 the Reston Runners Board decided to further the Club's mission of "encouraging fitness" by establishing a Community Fund. This Community Fund is used to grant scholarships and other worthwhile donations to local students, schools, and community organizations. The Fund is a separate and distinct non-profit corporation whose funds will not be comingled with the Club's general revenue. The Fund seeks to establish revenues from a wide variety of sources, including tax-deductible contributions from its members. Its governing organization includes both members of the Reston Runners Board of Directors and members of the community.


Help us continue and expand our efforts by making a tax-deductible donation: DONATE TO RRCF


If you have a suggestion for RRCF support, please contact the RRCF board at

Mission Statement

The mission of the Reston Runners Community Fund is to operate a charitable fund to receive contributions, hold, manage, administer and expend funds and property, for the purpose of encouraging fitness by providing financial support for athletics and scholarships and make other donations in the Reston area.

Board of Directors

  • Dennis Hays, President
  • Joan Koss, RR BoD Designee, Vice President
  • Mary Shedlock, Treasurer
  • May Chava, At Large
  • Selemon Getachew, At Large
  • Sarah Humphrey, At Large

RRCF Sponsored Activities


Tim Cohn, scientist, runner, former Reston Runners President, and co-founder of RRCF

Providing Scholarships to Student Athletes


In 2024, RRCF is launching the Tim Cohn Scholarship in memory of Tim Cohn, avid runner, scientist, and longtime Reston resident. RRCF plans to grant the Tim Cohn scholarship to one graduating senior of the South Lakes or Herndon High School districts who has a passion for running, science and/or mathematics, achievement in both running and academics, a commitment to pursue a STEM field in college, and intention to run in college (pleasure or competitively).


Completed applications are due April 1, 2024. Details and applications are available at

Supporting youth running and fitness in our community

In addition to granting scholarships to local student-athletes, RRCF responds to requests from schools who need additional resources to serve the needs of their students in running and fitness programs. It is our goal to make running and fitness accessible to all!

Some of the programs we have supported in the past few years include:

Girls on the Run at Hutchison Elementary School

This program encourages girls’ self-esteem and fitness through a fun running program with a 5K race at the end of their training.

The running program at Dogwood Elementary School

Dogwood Elementary School has an ambitious goal for their students to run 100 miles over the course of the year! They culminate their program with a color run, where students celebrate their accomplishment.

Previous RRCF Scholarship Awardees

 Year  South Lakes High School Female South Lakes High School Male   Herndon High School Female  Herndon High School Male
 2023  Annalise Williams Koray Boybeyi  Tea Geary  Cameron Elliott 
2022  Rita Mazumder Gavin Anthony  Isabella Hammond  Carter Williamson 
2021 Bethany Burke   Malcolm Coker Semhar Habte-Mariam  Joshua Cooper 
2020 Frankie Delmolino   Vincent Prudhomme  Madeline Begeron Joe Eglin 
2019 Isabelle Gulgert  Liam Lawrence   Sellas Habte-Mariam  Azhar Ramadhan
2018 Emily McGrath  Alex Loukili  Mariela Jardon  John Asmare 
2017 Morgan LaRow  Ashton Reinhold   Lindsey Rogers Kyle Nielson 
2016  Katie Martin Skandar Ballard  Lauren Butler  Jeremy Levine 
2015 Erin Bidwell  Sean Miller  Gabriella Bustamante  Joe Jasper/Logan 
2014 Abigail Reinhold  Luis Rivas  Delana Sobhani  Phillip Warner 
2013 Kelly Jean Watkins   Michael McHugh  Noelle Muha  Usama Nasir