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A community of runners and

walkers of all levels and abilities




The table below contains our Saturday and Sunday courses designed for Running and Walking.  Over 130 documented courses!

  • Saturdays feature two courses: a 5 mile run and a 3 mile walk.
  • Sundays feature at least two courses: a 10 mile run and one 6 mile walk 
  • Starting in late spring, we feature longer distance running course options including ones that span nature trails.
  • Please refer to the Event Calendar menu link to find the currently scheduled courses.
  • Reston has over 55 miles of pathways that cover every neighborhood and provide easy access and intersection with the popular W&OD Trail. 


Click here: Courses Start Locations to see map markers identifying start locations for Reston Runners weekend run and walk events.  Our Course Committee welcomes ideas and routes for new courses.  Please read Course Creation Guidelines for reference.


The table below lists the standard starting locations and provides links to each course option originating from that location.

The number in the link represents the course distance in miles.


Click on the link and you will get (in most cases) step-by-step directions on how to navigate the selected course.

Start Locations

Run Courses

Walk Courses

Trail Courses

Aldrin Elementary School

Autumnwood Pool
5, 10, 10R, 12
3, 6

C&O Canal Carderock Recreation Area

Dogwood Elementary School

Glade Pool
(under development)

Herndon High School

Hunters Woods Elementary School

Hunters Woods Pool
5, 10, 20
3, 6

Hunters Woods Village Center
5, 6, 10, 12, 18
3, 6

Isaac Newton Square
Lake Anne Elementary School
3, 6

Lake Anne Village Center
5, 5R, 10, 17
3, 6

Lake Audubon Pool
5, 10, 15, 20
3, 6
12, 18

Lake Fairfax Park
5, 10, 17, 19
3, 6

Lake Newport Tennis Courts
5, 10(pipeline)
3, 6

Lake Thoreau Pool

Langston Hughes Middle School

Meadowlark Gardens

Newbridge Pool

North Hills Pavillion

North Hills Pool

North Point Village Center
5, 10
3, 6

North Point Village Center - Metric Marathon
Reagan National Airport Run

Reston Community Center

Reston Nature House

Reston South Commuter Lot
3, 3V, 6

Reston Town Center
5N, 5W, 5A, 10
3, 6

Riverbend Park

South Lakes High School
5, 10
3, 6

South Lakes Village Center
5, 10
3, 6

Spectrum Center

Sunrise Valley Elementary School
5, 10, 16
3, 6

Sunset Hills/Reston North Commuter Lot
3, 6

Tall Oaks Village Center

Thanksgiving Day Annual Event


Uplands Pool

U.S. Geological Survey
3, 6

Vienna Caboose

Wolftrap National Park

Women's 5K Race