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A community of runners and

walkers of all levels and abilities


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The Reston Runners Board of Directors (BOD) consists of the following:

  • Four Club Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Five Members at Large: Active club members and bring ideas/recommendations to the Club Officers.

The Board supports and inspires our members, as well as Reston and the surrounding communities. 

If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to one of our Board members at our weekly runs. Just keep running!

PRESIDENT: John Koss, Email

I’ve benefited enormously from the opportunities I’ve had to participate in Reston Runners events over the last 36 years of my membership, and have many close friends in the Club. I’ve served as Secretary, participated as a volunteer in the RMR and Youth in Motion programs, helped to put on the Annual Picnic, carried heavy jugs of cold water, and led the 10 Weeks to 10K program for the last several years. I’ve also tried my best to take course marking to the next level. There is something very special about Reston Runners!


I joined Reston Runners in 1992 and after becoming confident with the Saturday five mile runs, I slowly worked up to the 10 mile runs on Sunday. From there it kept growing with the club’s increased distances during the summer to support those running a long distance race in the fall. My first (and second) marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon with the encouragement of the members of Reston Runners. I have sampled several other marathons in nearby states. The camaraderie of running and socializing with this club has been a blessing. It is a great group that I am happy to be a part and privileged to run with and support as a member our several programs—Women’s Training program, Youth in Motion, 10 weeks to 10K, Half Marathon Training Program as well as our running and support of the Runners Marathon of Reston races. 


SECRETARY: Dan Grove, Email

When I moved to Reston I saw the Triathlon - and I was hooked. I had been biking a lot, but had to learn how to run and swim. The Runners have been a great part of that learning, and now many runs, races, and tris later, I’m mostly a walker and biker. I’ve made amazing friends in the club and helped out with many of our programs. I am an active member with experience on the Board for several years.


TREASURER: Young Nam, Email

I joined Reston Runners in 2005 to train for my first marathon (Marine Corp).  The club was instrumental in preparing me for my first marathon.  Thanks to the community of runners from RR, I kept on running and now have run over 20 marathons.  RR has enriched my life so much and many of my good friends are now Reston Runners.   Having been on the board and writing the eNEWS for a year, I understand the inner workings of RR and can better serve the club as Treasurer.  



Jeannie Johns

Jeannie has enjoyed running with Reston Runners since 1996 when her neighbor/running partner convinced her to join the club. She’s loved it ever since and has helped with/participated in YIM, RMR, 10 Wks to10K, ITP, WDF, many RR social gatherings, FLS, course marking, providing weekend water/Gatorade, purchased RR bling, and is currently a Member-at-Large on the BOD.  She energetically encourages all to strive for their best fitness by joining our great club of walkers and runners. The RRs community has been indispensable to her over the years and she will continue to be a RR cheerleader!


Amy Byerly

Amy Byerly has been a resident of Reston for over 15 years and has taken an active role in the community since she moved here.  She started with volunteering for various organizations from March of Dimes, Civitan, Runners Marathon, Reston Chamber of Commerce to coordinating volunteers for Sprint (now T-Mobile). During Amy’s time in Reston, she has gone from not exercising at all to running, strength training & cycling until she fell which was a major setback. Over the last two years she has focused on getting back to exercising on a regular basis so continuing with the focus on exercising, Amy has joined the RR Board as a “Member At Large” to support those in the community who are walking & walk/running, Runners Marathon, as well as other events that RR is involved in.


Eric Bell

Eric has enjoyed running with the Reston Runners since moving to the area in 2019, going on his first weekend run a day after moving to town. Eric grew up in Maryland, where he was a long time Howard Country Strider. He has enjoyed getting to know many Reston runners over these past few years. He can be regularly found on weekend runs and around town in the afternoons running with his wife, Beth, and pushing his son, Arleigh, in a stroller.


Scott Abercrombie

I started running in high school, but after college there was only time for short maintenance runs until my late 30's. I joined, and was an active volunteer with, the Taconic Road Runners Club. Many of us would drive into the city to run the races the New York Road Runners Club scored as a team competition between the clubs. The team competition was the incentive to maintain the mileage and do the requisite interval training. I retired, changed careers, moved to New Hampshire, and joined the Greater Derry Track Club. Greater Derry was another very active club, and NH has a state-wide grand prix competition between the clubs that we participated in. Then I retired again and moved here 3 years ago. I really missed all the club activities, but COVID was still in charge. I waited a year to join the club. Reston Runners was a great find. I introduced the idea of a two person relay to our club because we used to do one every few years in NY, and it was always a blast. Running clubs have been a big part of my life, so I look forward to getting more involved.

Clyde Rollins

I've been with Reston Runners for about ten years, and have made many great friends during these years. Reston Runners inspired me and renewed my interest in running. During this time period I've finished almost all my races within the top three of my age group. Without the support and inspiration of Reston Runners, I wouldn't have been able to do this. Now I would like to see the club prosper and give back some of what I received all these years. I feel I can provide some energy and new ideas.