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A community of runners and

walkers of all levels and abilities


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Reston Runners is based in Reston, Virginia and is a member of the Road Runners Club of America.  As our name "Reston Runners" implies--we are a running club. However, we also have a very active group who prefer to walk. Our weekly events include both a run and a walk course.

We are passionate about fitness and strive to be fun, kind, and inclusive!  So please join our runs to achieve your goals, overcome challenges, meet like-minded friends, run together, support one another, and to simply enjoy each other's company!

Whether you’re renewing your membership or signing up for the first time,

we welcome you to the club!

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Annual membership: $35

New and renewal memberships are for 12 months from the registration date 

Benefits of Membership

We are a community of runners and walkers of all levels and abilities. Some runners are competitive and veterans of many road races, others have just picked up the sport recently. We are all united in a love for fitness, a desire to have fun, and support each other to achieve our goals.  

  • Group Runs and Motivation: Reston Runners hosts regular scheduled group runs and walks. Saturday morning club runs are our most popular runs, and we meet at various locations across Reston--occasionally at nearby parks for trail runs. Everyone is welcome, and having friends along with you during a long run helps makes the time fly by.   
  • Friendship and Community: Many of our member have been running and/or walking together for years, and we organize social events ranging from post-run breakfasts, happy hours, to holiday parties. Physical activity does go by a lot quicker and easier when we socialize. We provide water at our weekend run/walks; on Sundays we also provide Gatorade at our run/walks, and usually many members meet to share a post-run breakfast.
  • Running in a Group Provides Great Safety: And, if someone gets injured or feels sick there is someone there to help. This is especially helpful on our long runs. 

  • Membership Discounts: Members enjoy discounts on club sponsored training programs as listed under the Programs as well as discounts at local businesses –Potomac River Running, Road Runners Sports, and Athleta. Visit the Membership Discount Page for details.