Want to Improve Your Racing Performance & Reduce Injuries?

Interested in learning how to run better, easier, faster and with fewer injuries? Ever wished you could afford an elite, world class coach? Last year, Al Rider and seven Reston Runners attended Owen Anderson's Training Camp in Vermont.Al has arranged for Owen to hold his training camp in West Virginia, only 90min from Reston, this year and to offer a super Reston Runners discount of $100

The next session is August 17th-22d. Coach Owen's training program is ideal for all runners, from newbies to veterans, and teens.  He is a running-science authority (Author of Running Science an Amazon.com best seller) and teaches the modern approach to running-form optimization, running-specific strength training, injury avoidance, and runner-specific nutrition. For details see: Camp details


June 2014 camp, Reston Runners: Paul H, Connie H, Pat K, Fred G, Pat B, Leslie S, Frances A, and Coach Owen

Owen is planing to bring 6 of his elite, world-class Kenyan team members to camp with us (4 women and 2 men).  If you've ever wanted to meet, rap and run with world-class runners, this will be a memorable opportunity. 

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