RR BoD Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Dan Grove, Secretary

Date: April 30, 2022 Start Time: 9:30am End Time: 10:38am 

Location: North Point Pavilion


Not Present

P: Catherine Nelson


VP: Claire Tse


T: Mary Shedlock


 S: Dan Grove


DWP: Vacant


U40 MAL: Michelle Stephens


MAL: Michael Faulkner


MAL: Jeannie Johns


MAL: Young Nam




  • Minutes from March - approved
  • Next BoD Meeting– June 15, 6pm Zoom
  • IT Infrastructure/Communications/Website/Social Media - a review is ongoing.
  • Community Outreach– ongoing.
  • Governance and Succession – planning needed.


                      Weekly Operations:

  • Weekly run-walks–Jack created a Reston Runners Club page on Strava (https://www.strava.com/clubs/1044563). We can add GPX, TCX, or FIT files by recording these while walking, running or cycling these courses. The courses recorded should match the published text route descriptions.
  • Water Support -We will restart providing Gatorade for Sunday runs when it’s hot.
  • Announcements – Introduce yourself. Ask if anyone’s new, welcome them. Get people to join/renew/pay their dues, mention auto renewal option. Volunteers needed for programs & functions. 
  • Course Markingon Saturday– Marcy has recruited people to “own” certain courses.
  • Breakfasts and Potlucks after runs – re-starting these traditions.
  • eNews – migrate from MailChimp to Constant Contact (Young)
  • Event Participant email lists – gathering them under their separate labels in Constant Contact, allowing flexibility in messaging, is a goal.


  • Membership Coordinator – new function, Young drafted a position description.


                 Programs and Events:

  • RMR – very successful. A transition in leadership is underway, and having a certified course would be good next year.
  • W&OD Trail Adoption – we will continue periodically removing trash from the trail between Isaac Newton Square and Reston Parkway. 
  • Friends of the W&OD – they asked if we wanted to direct a race for them and/or have one of us join their board. We’ll help publicize a run/race if they coordinate it; no volunteers for their board have come forward so far.
  • WTP – about 160 registered, program is April 25 - June 13, Mary coordinating.
  • YIM – about 55 registered so far, dates are June 12 -August 7, Jeannie coordinating.
  • ITP – planning.
  • Summer Picnic– at North Point Pavilion, 5pm, pot luck, looking at July 16 or 23 for Pavilion availability (Mary). Green Jacket awarded then.
  • Prediction Runs – planning for the summer, scheduled to allow ITP participants to gauge their progress as well as have some fun for all.
  • May 22 Run coordinated with Dogwood Kids Color Run – some runners volunteering for the Kids event after running would be good, planning in progress. RRCFsupports the Kids Run.


Treasurer Report:

  • Balance Sheet and Income Statementwere reviewed, we have adequate cash on hand to cover existing and future expenses. We are operating in line with our planned budget.
  • Registration fees for WTP and YIM are coming in.
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