RR BoD Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Dan Grove, Secretary

Date: June 15, 2022 Start Time: 6:00pm End Time: 7:17pm

Location: Zoom


Not Present

P: Catherine Nelson


VP: Claire Tse


T: Mary Shedlock


 S: Dan Grove


DWP: Vacant


U40 MAL: Michelle Stephens


MAL: Michael Faulkner


MAL: Jeannie Johns


MAL: Young Nam




  • Minutes from April - approved
  • Next BoD Meeting–Sunday July 24, 9:15am, Catherine’s
  • IT Infrastructure/Communications/Website/Social Media - a review is ongoing.
  • Community Outreach– ongoing.
  • Governance and Succession – planning needed.
  • Bylaws update –text needs to be included in the eNews of June 30 or earlier to provide the required notice before the July 16 meeting.


                      Weekly/Monthly Operations:

  • Weekly run-walks–Jack created a Reston Runners Club page on Strava (https://www.strava.com/clubs/1044563). We can add GPX, TCX, or FIT files by recording these while walking, running or cycling these courses. The courses recorded should match the published text route descriptions. Several people are working this.
  • Water/Gatorade Support – Mark and Clyde now have access to the H2O calendar signup page, which is expanded through October.
  • Announcements – Introduce yourself. Ask if anyone’s new, and welcome them. Recognize who marked the course for Saturday, and who put out the mid-point water (and where that is) for Sunday. Get people to join/renew. Volunteers needed for programs & functions. 
  • Course Markingon Saturday– Marcy has recruited people to “own” Saturday courses.
  • Breakfasts and Potlucks after runs – re-starting these traditions.
  • eNews – migrate from MailChimp to Constant Contact (Young) – no update.
  • PRR runs – weekly Thursday evening and monthly Saturday runs.


  • Membership Coordinator – new function, Young drafted a position description. No update.


Programs and Events:

  • RMR – very successful. A transition in leadership is underway, and having a certified course would be good next year. Distribution of net profit should be arranged by the July meeting.
  • WTP – just ended, very successful, Mary coordinated.
  • YIM – just started, ends August 7, Jeannie coordinating. Need volunteers.
  • ITP – starts June 22.
  • 10 Weeks to 10K – planning in progress.
  • Event Participant email lists – gathering them under their separate labels in Constant Contact, allowing flexibility in messaging, is a goal. No update.
  • Summer Picnic/Club Membership Meeting– at North Point Pavilion, July 16, 5pm (4pm setup), pot luck. Bylaws changes will have a membership vote. Green Jacket awarded. Looking for volunteers to coordinate the potluck. 
  • Prediction Run -annual at Valentine’s Day, done for this year.
  • Airport Run –see if there’s interest.
  • Marathon Training –we’re looking at viability and interest. Also coordinating with the 1/2 marathon training program (Marcy).
  • W&OD Trail Adoption – we will continue periodically removing trash from the trail between Isaac Newton Square and Reston Parkway. 

Treasurer Report:

  • Balance Sheet and Income Statementwere reviewed, we have adequate cash on hand to cover existing and future expenses. We are operating in line with our planned budget. Programs are generating revenue.
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