Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Dan Grove, Secretary

Date: September 29, 2021 Start Time: 4:00pm End Time: 5:12pm Location: Zoom


Not Present

P: Catherine Nelson


VP: Claire Tse


T: Mary Shedlock


S: Dan Grove


DWP: Vacant


U40 MAL: Caitlin McBride


MAL: Jeannie Johns


MAL: Marcy Foster


MAL: Vacant



  • Minutes from August – approved and posted to website
  • Next BoD Meeting– Wednesday, November 3, 6pm ZOOM 
  • MAL Roz Cherry resigned from the board. 
  • New Board Members – recruit now for January voting
  • RR Google Docs– Google gives nonprofits free use, Mary looking into google non-profit setup.
  • RRCA Runner Friendly CommunityNomination - RR member suggested seeking designation.  Reston Association is interested in joining Reston Runners / Reston runners Community Fund in seeking designation.  
  • Website–  RRCA gives suggestions on websites / other local clubs’ websites. Further research needed on changes
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Marcywill contact Reston’s diverse HOAs and clusters, publicizing the club and inviting members. Some runs may start at convenient locations to them. The RR Community Fund is funding activities at Title 1A schools.
  • Storage Unit – Inventory and organizing session scheduled for 11am Sunday, October 31. Need reps from all programs (YIM, ITP, WTP, RMR, 10-10, FLS). All Board aboard, Catherine and Marcy coordinate

Weekly Operations:

  • Weekly run-walks– no formal breakfasts or potlucks
  • Water support/Announcements -We’ll continue with board members bringing water at start. We’ll continue with board members bringing water at start. Sunday midpoint water is being done (Marcy organizing).
  • Announcements – Get people to join/renew/pay their dues; talk about auto renewal so it won’t be a surprise.
  • RR Course Committee Calendar – Catherineforwarded what Dennis has set up through december, Dan updated the water support/announcements schedule.
  • Saturday Course Marking– Marcyis recruiting more people, Mary Brett doing Saturday Walk courses

Programs and Events:

  • Youth in Motion (YIM)completed
  • Interval Training Program (ITP)- completed
  • Women’s Training Program (WTP) – completed
  • Seize the Day race- NA
  • 10 weeks to 10K- started 9/25, good attendance ( ~40)
  • Finish Line Services- FLS has 3 upcoming races
  • RMR –Scheduled for April 10, 2022. Outside area of SLHS reserved. First planning meeting is 9/30.  
    • RMR Training Program – will probably happen if RMR does, a smooth 10W-to-10K transition to Half training would be good (Marcy)
  • Summer Picnic - August 28, big success, potluck system worked well
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Trot – 9am Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 25). Lake Fairfax pavilion H was reserved; freebies to give away will be collected during the Storage Unit organizing above (Catherine & Marcy); simple time display at the finish line; Who will do course marking?
  • Holiday Party? – an outdoor potluck after a weekend run? (Indoor is not safe). Date? 
  • Documenting our programs and events– Marcy will contact program managers (already talked to John about 10 to 10 – others?) to ask them to set up program task lists/timelines/contacts so institutional program knowledge is retained if the current managers leave. For example, how/when to apply for school resources, bling ordering, list of current volunteers, etc. Have them include a 25-35% profit guideline, sharing revenue with the club.


  • RR Welcome Letter – Dan’s update approved; Dan contacted Jack about linking it, done
  • Require a Waiver for non-members at club runs? – RRCA probably has a suitable waiver ready to go. Legally necessary? Would it encourage membership? 
  • PRR Relationship – Discount still active, confirmed by Caitlin
  • Annual renewalJackto review setup to ensure renewal accuracy
  • Messaging is poor

Treasurer Report:

  • Bank Balance as of August 31 was about $17K, some WTP expenses not in yet. 
  • Membership income$3,400 thru August which is not covering operational expenses
  • Programs- Each program should aim to provide  25-35% of income to general club operations
  • Spirit Wear report- Positive feedback received on orders. Mary distributed all orders. Revenue about $186.
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