Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Dan Grove, Secretary

Date: December 8, 2021 Start Time: 6:00pm End Time: 7:12pm Location: Zoom


Not Present

P: Catherine Nelson



Claire Tse

T: Mary Shedlock


S: Dan Grove


DWP: Vacant


U40 MAL: Caitlin McBride


MAL: Jeannie Johns


MAL: Marcy Foster


MAL: Vacant



  • Minutes from November – approved
  • Next BoD Meeting– Monday, January 10, 6pm ZOOM 
  • New Board Members – recruit now for voting early next year, a call is recurring in eNews.
  • eNews Editor –recruiting continues
  • Communications/Website/Social Media – Catherine looked at other local club websites. We’re using Joomla, one of the better platforms. Discussion about enabling multiple people to update things, and developing a full communications strategy and team.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Discussion of starting runs convenient to Reston’s diverse HOAs, clusters, and elementary schools. The RR Community Fund is funding activities at Title 1A schools.
  • Annual Meeting – a team has stepped up to coordinate this, set up a potluck Signup Genius page.
  • RRCA Club Insurance Renewal –Dan will submit info and send the invoice to Marylater in the month, and will do the insurance paperwork for races as they are finalized.


Weekly Operations:

  • Weekly run-walks–GPS maps exist for our courses, finding a turn-by-turn platform for cell phones would be very helpful.
  • Water Support/Announcements -We’ll continue with board members bringing water at start. Sunday midpoint water is being done. In the winter Gatorade will be discontinued. Catherine to get January+ courses from the course committee, Danwill update the water support spreadsheet.
  • Announcements – Get people to join/renew/pay their dues; talk about auto renewal so it won’t be a surprise.
  • Course Marking–Marcy has recruited people to “own” certain courses.

Programs and Events:

  • Finish Line Services- active
  • RMR –Scheduled for April 10, 2022, planning is proceeding. 
    • RMR Training Program – A Half Marathon training program is coming in January, a smooth transition from 10W-to-10K to Half training is the goal. (Marcy)
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K – very well attended, great party!
  • Holiday Party– outdoor potluck at North Hills Pavilion at 9am after the Saturday, December 18 run. Catherinewill bring coffee & cups, Jeannieplates, cups, napkins, and utensils



  • Annual renewal- we’re currently covering the processing fees

Treasurer Report:

  • Balance Sheet and Income Statementwere reviewed, we have adequate cash on hand to cover existing and future expenses. We are operating in line with our planned budget.
  • Programs– have brought in about $4K of revenue 
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