In attendance:

Marcy Foster, President

Mike McCord, Vice President

Cailin Clinton, Member at Large

Mary Goebel, Director of Walking Programs

John Koss, Secretary

Catherine Nelson, Member at Large

Pablo Raffo, Member at Large

Mary Shedlock, Treasurer

Old Business 

RRCF Donation:The Board discussed the Runners Marathon of Reston (RMR) recommendation to transfer $7000 to the Reston Runners Community Fund (RRCF). The RMR committee is confident that funds remaining after that transfer will be sufficient to pay any expenses for the 2020 race.  The Board agreed to the $7000 transfer to RRCF.  

Board responsibilities:A recommendation was made to strengthen and formalize the oversight responsibilities of the Board.  In particular, oversight of finances is needed to meet the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities.  Additionally, an opportunity exists to strengthen succession planning and increase the coordination of programs with the Board and the uniformity of the Club’s practices in presenting our programs.  The RMR already has a governing committee and would be excluded from this process. Four areas of responsibility were discussed:  Finance, Governance, Programs, and People (to include succession planning.)  Marcy, Mike, and Catherinewill discuss possible approaches and return recommendations to the Board.

Publicity: We will ask PRR if we can leave RR flyers.  Action to be assigned.

Documenting plans and materials for Club annual events and programs.Catherine and Cailinwill collect descriptions of program plans and records from current program leads.  The descriptions, related materials and tools will be posted on the Club’s Google documents repository for use by incoming program/event leads. 

Succession planning:  New leads need to be selected for the Pool Party and the Women’s Training Program.

New Business:

Special Event Pages:  Bill D’Agostino visited the meeting to discuss his proposal for a web page(s) on which Reston Runners members could add events they planned to participate in. The page would allow other club members to find out who will be participating in an event, prior to the event. After the event, participants who listed themselves on the page could post their results and if desired, view the results of others. 

The Board discussion addressed several issues that would need to be addressed, including restriction of access, especially for individuals adding content to the pages, and maintenance.  It was suggested that the capability Bill proposed could be implemented more readily on Facebook or Meetup than on the website.  Pabloagreed to consider the idea and put together a list of options to implement it.

RRCF Update:  Mike presented an update on RRCF activities. The RRCF will be increasing its community outreach and support beyond the scholarships that have been offered to high school students at Herndon and South Lakes high schools.  A donation was recently made to Dogwood Elementary School for the Dragon Dash 5K race and is featured on the Web site. The RRCF will be seeking additional opportunities to support elementary and high school track and cross country teams, and fun runs.

RR Logo Contest:  More than 40 logo entries were received. Mary Shedlock is consolidating them for review by the Board.  Each Board member will individually select the top five logos recommended for further evaluation, and Marywill select a smaller set of logos from that processfor review by the Board and presentation to the general membership for a vote. 

Improving course descriptions.Mike presented for comment a sample of an amended course description for an existing course – the Reston South Commuter Lot 10 mile run (street). He incorporated additional cues, especially the numbered Reston Association (RA) trail markers and accumulated distance at each turn.   He also added references to the RA trail name(s) (Turquoise Trail, for example) and a link to the RA trail map.  All present thought that Mike’s amendments were an improvement, and agreed that updating courses with such information would be useful.

10 weeks to 10K program:John circulated the results of the post program survey.  The Board agreed that the program should be continued next year. John identified the following recommendations based on comments made by respondents:

  1. Consider increasing distance over the program durati
  2. Consider selecting a venue for the last 3-4 weeks that has better lighting, since it gets dark before the slower participants finish.
  3. Consider a post-program happy hour or party.

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.  The Club will be holding its traditional 5K cross country style race on Thanksgiving morning.  Dennis Hayswill obtain a permit from Lake Fairfax Park. Marcy will look in the locker to find items that can be awarded as prizes, and will procure pies and wine for the winners.

Glory Days fundraising policy change.  Previously, Glory Days had an open-ended program of making donations to Reston Runners of a small percentage of any restaurant checks presented by the Club to Glory Days.  This policy is being discontinued.  If the Club wishes to partner with Glory Days on fundraising, a specific date and duration will need to be established.

Winter Training Program.  There have been numerous requests for the Club to present a winter training program to follow the Womens Training Program and the 10 Weeks to 10K program. Shandila Collins will co-lead a Winter Training Program that will meet concurrently with the Club’s Saturday 8 am runs.  Liz Bagley is going to prepare a training plan.  The training plan is expected to be focused on preparation for the RMR half marathon.

Holiday party:  Mike McCord and Donna Rostant are having the holiday party at their house on December 21st.  Help will be needed for setup between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.

Treasurer’s report: The present balance is $12,064, not including the two CDs. The Board agreed that it would be best to find a qualified member willing to prepare the tax return as well as the 501(c)3 report.  Pablois checking with an individual who could do this.

Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting date will be February 15th.  Nominations will be offered and reviewed for the Green Jacket award.

Future meeting schedule:The next meeting will be on Saturday, December 14that 9:30 am.

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