In attendance:

Mike McCord, Vice President

Mary Goebel, Director of Walking Programs

John Koss, Secretary

Catherine Nelson, Member at Large

Pablo Raffo, Member at Large

Jack Tozier, Member at Large

Old Business 

Youth in Motion survey:  The survey results were previously circulated among the Board.

Liability waiver:John forwarded language for a liability waiver, based on the one included with club membership renewals, to Jack.  Jack posteda notice on the website notifying guests that they are agreeing to the waiver by participating in any Reston Runners events.

Publicity:We will ask PRR if we can leave RR flyers.  Susan Jones (in the Womens’ Training Program) created a two-sided flyer describing RR and we would like to place copies of that flyer at PRR and other locations. John has sent a copy of the flyer to Pablo.

Weekend potlucks:Thanks to Catherinefor hosting a potluck on September 14th! Marcy is scheduled to host one in October.

Documenting plans and materials for Club annual events and programs.Catherine and Cailinwill collect descriptions of program plans and records from current program leads.  The descriptions, related materials and tools will be posted on the Club’s Google documents repository for use by incoming program/event leads. The Board discussed whether it should coordinate the timing and location of events, including the location of runs scheduled by the Course Committee, to avoid and resolve conflicts.

10 weeks to 10K program:The program has collected $3900; expenses are about $170 for magnetic badges plus $885 for T-shirts.

Holiday party:  Mike McCord and Donna Rostant are having the holiday party at their house on December 7th.  Thank you, Mike and Donna!

Succession planning:  There is a continuing need to plan for succession of positions, including Board positions and program lead positions.  New leads need to be selected for the Pool Party and the Women’s Training Program.

Treasurer’s report: Discussions on the treasurer’s report and budget will be deferred to the next meeting, as the treasurer was unable to attend the meeting. The Board agreed that it would be best to find a qualified member willing to prepare the tax return as well as the 501(c)3 report.  Pablois checking with an individual who could do this.

Course discussion:We were advised by a parking lot contractor last week that meetings of private groups, lacking a permit, on the Isaac Newton Square property, are not allowed.

Water support:  It has been a challenge to find volunteers to perform Sunday water support duties, as some previous volunteers are no longer available.  Each Board memberwill ask two members of the Club, who are not Board members, if they can help with Sunday water support.

New Business:

RRCF Donation:The Board determined that it would transfer $5000 of the Runners Marathon of Reston (RMR) proceeds to the Reston Runners Community Fund (RRCF) at this time, and would reconsider an additional transfer of $2000 after reviewing RR finances with the treasurer.

RR Logo Contest:  A draft announcement for the RR Logo Contest was reviewed.  Recommended changes include:

  • The announcement states that the logo may optionally include the RR motto. Include a statement of what the RR motto is, as some members may not know it.It was noted that some versions of our motto are possibly too long to fit into a compact logo.
  • Change “The board will review all entries and select the top three entries for the general membership to vote on” to “The board will review all entries and select entries for the general membership to vote on.”
  • In the Disclaimer language, there was a suggestion to review the words “non-exclusive” since our intention is that no one other than the Club would be entitled to use the logo.

Airport run:  The Board discussed the suggestions for conducting variations of the Airport run without the need for a bus.  It was determined that the benefit and novelty of a bus ride to Reagan National Airport was worthwhile and it was expected that the bus no-show of last year should be an isolated event. Mikehas contact information for the bus driver and will contact him.  The person in charge will contact the bus driver the day before the run to ensure that plans are in place to take runners to Reagan National.  Marcyis going to reach out to Craig Fishmanabout getting some water, Gatorade and possibly snacks set out at the halfway point by the pedestrian bridge over Rte 7 in Falls Church.

Bib boards:  John showed samples of bib boards to the Board.  Bib boards are small plastic fasteners for race bibs (numbers) that attach to clothing without making a hole, as a safety pin does.  The bib boards were loaned by a 10 Weeks to 10K participant, Thomas, who ordered them himself.  Ordering bib boards with the new RR logo, once it is selected, was raised as a possibility.

Board responsibilities:  It was recommended that the Board review how it is organized, as well as oversight and coordination responsibilities.  In the interest of closer coordination of programs and events, the Board could either set up committees, or designate certain Board members as focal points for the following areas: Social, Governance and Elections, Program Chair (10 Weeks to 10K, Interval Training Program, Women’s Training Program, …) and Communication.

eNews:  Jim Ratzenberger has stepped up as the new eNews lead.  Thank you, Jim!  And thanks to Gerry Reichel for his service to the Club as the eNews lead.

RRCF coordination:  The RR Board would like to receive updates, from time to time, from the RRCF Board. These could address the status of RRCF activities and funds, and might include announcements of donations and scholarships awarded.  The good work and community benefit of RRCF activities could then be announced on the Web site and in the eNews.

Future meeting schedule:meetings will generally occur every other month, after weekend morning runs (at 9:30 if on a Saturday, and 2 hours and 15 minutes after the start if on a Sunday.) The next meeting will be on November 3rdat 10:15 am.

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