Reston Runner Board Meeting - May 4, 2019

In attendance:

Marcy Foster, President

Cailin Clinton, U40 Member at Large

John Koss, Secretary

Catherine Nelson, Member at Large

Mary Shedlock, Treasurer

Old Business: (action items are in italics with the person responsible in bold italics)

The minutes from the March 10thmeeting were approved.

Liability waiver:John will check with other local clubs (for example, Loudoun County Road Runners and DCRR), to see how they are handling the matter. 

Green Jacket award:Jack updated the list of Joe Fleig (Green Jacket) awardees on the Web site (Resources > Club History and Lore) on Monday 5/6.

Weekend potlucks:Catherine offered to host a potluck on September 14th, and Marcy will host one this summer.  Marcywill coordinate potluck dates with the course committee.  

Documenting descriptions of duties for Club annual events and programs.Catherine and Cailin will solicit descriptions from current program leads.

eNews update: the eNews presently reads that hydration is available on the Tuesday and Thursday evening runs (near the bottom of the newsletter), which is not correct.  Marcywill contact Gary Reichel to delete the mention of hydration for those runs in the eNews.

Interval Training Program:  Paul is leading this program and has determined the location.

10 weeks to 10K program:  We are looking for a new lead.  Marcywill contact certain persons who may be willing to lead the program in 2019.

2020 Annual Meeting:  A date has been reserved for the 2020 annual meeting.

New Business:

Women’s Training Program: Program is underway and doing very well.

Youth in Motion: Starts June 23.  Herndon Middle School has been reserved.  So far there are 50 children signed up. Organizational meetings have begun.

Pool party:  Autumnwood Pool has been reserved for August 3, 7 pm – 10 pm. The pool is scheduled to remain in operation through the following weekend.

Course itinerary:  members have commented that there seems to be significant repetition on the courses scheduled, and there are other good courses not being used. This matter will be discussed with the course committee.

Reston Runners shirt day:  The Board will designate one day each month as “wear your Reston Runners shirt” day. 

Sunday water support:  a new coordinator for Sunday water support is being sought, and one individual is considering taking on this role in mid- to late summer.

Future meeting schedule:meetings will generally occur every other month, after weekend morning runs (at 9:30 if on a Saturday, and 2 hours and 15 minutes after the start if on a Sunday.) The schedule is: July 14th, 9:15; September 7th, 9:30; and November 3rd, 10:15.

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