To Post a New Photo of the Week (POW)

A home-made Photo of the week display frame is now on the homepage. Some features will need to be improved, perhaps with a new software tool (Joomla “extension”); in the meanwhile, here’s what you or your designee will need to do to maintain the feature:

  1. You need to download the photo to your local drive using a reduced size (e.g.,500px width) so the file size doesn't exceed the uploader capacity; regardless of the pixel-based size, the image will be sized by the image format to take up 90% of the availalble width
  2. Once logged in as an editor; go to the homepage and click on the edit icon (tiny notepad) for the Photo of the Week Display Window.
  3. Once in edit mode, make all the text changes, then delete the existing photo
  4. With your cursor in the photo display window, click on the “insert image” link
  5. In the upper right of the window that opens, click the link for uploading an image; select “browse” to find the image you downloaded to your local drive, then select “open”
  6. If the image uploads successfully, you’ll see a thumbnail of it in the image manager window; select “insert” and the photo should appear in the homepage display window.
  7. Click on the inserted image to select it, and then click the “center” icon from the edit menu to center the image and all the text.
  8. Here’s the somewhat trickier part: making the photo a link to your full set:
    1. Again, select the image (still in edit mode)
    2. Click on the link icon (2 links attached) in the edit menu
    3. The link description window opens and you need to insert the full URL for your Flcker file in the space provided. No need to add anything else
    4. Click “save” and you should be done! (Test it to be sure)

To add the current page to the POW archive:

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Open the current photo display window in edit mode
  3. Click anywhere on the page and  select all (Use Ctrl A)
  4. Save the current page and return to the homepage
  5. Select “submit an article”
  6. Enter a title (I’ve been using “Photo of the Week for Dec.15, 2013”, for example)
  7. Paste what you copied in step 3 above by using  Ctrl V)
  8. Assign a section and category to the page (“Photos” and “”This Week’s Photos”, respectively) and enter your name
  9. Click “save” and you’re’ done
  10. Hint: you can add the current photo to the archive at any time, like, for example, at the same time you’re posting it as the newest entry.
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