Course   : Reston Town Center (North Course)  
Location: Fountain Square on Market St. off Reston Parkway (behind Hyatt Hotel) Distance: 5.1 Miles
Maps      : Street   


  1. Start west on Market Street (away from Reston Parkway) for 1 block
  2. Right on Library Street for 2 blocks
  3. Left on New Dominion Parkway for 3 blocks
  4. Right on sidewalk along far side of Town Center Parkway for about 1/2 mile
  5. Cross Baron Cameron Avenue and continue on path along Bennington Woods Road for about 1 mile
  6. Left on path along Reston Parkway for about 1/2 mile
  7. Right at 2nd signal on path along right side of Center Harbor Road for 1 long block
  8. Right on North Village Road for about 3/4 mile [Water stop on path along west side of North Village Road at Lake Newport Road (Lake Newport Pool corner of intersection) (very hot days only)]
  9. Left on Village Road for about 1/8 mile past Lake Newport Tennis [alternative start]
  10. Cross Baron Cameron Avenue and continue for about 200 feet
  11. Continue through Lake Anne Center to pick up the path back to Reston Town Center
  12. Left on Reston Parkway for about 100 Yards
  13. Cross Reston Parkway righgt through the tunnel.
  14. Left on path along Reston Parkway for 1 block
  15. Right on Market Street for 1 block to the Start at Fountain Square



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