Course   : Reston Town Center  
Location: Fountain Square on Market St. off Reston Parkway (behind Hyatt Hotel) Distance: 3.0 Miles
Maps      : Street   


  1. Start at Fountain Square, heading along Market Street towards Presidents Street and Reston Parkway.
  2. Cross Presidents Street and go up the concrete stairs on left side of street.
  3. Straight on path through small park, bearing left at intersection near bench.
  4. Cross New Dominion Parkway and continue on sidewalk into the Spectrum shopping center for about 100 yards.
  5. Right through underpass under Reston Parkway near Barnes & Noble.
  6. Left at "T" intersection of paths immediately after underpass.
  7. Cross Bowman Green Drive and continue on path through Summit Apartments.
  8. Cross Ascot Way to stay on path.
  9. Right on path along Wainwright Drive.
  10. Right on sidewalk along North Shore Drive for 2 blocks.
  11. Cross Temporary Road.
  12. Go up grassy knoll at corner to park and cross park diagonally past picnic pavilion.
  13. Walk through the parking area to the asphalt path which continues straight ahead.
  14. Turn left onto the sidewalk at the first street (Old Reston Avenue).
  15. Cross street after mailbox #1830 and turn left onto sidewalk for about 100 yards into Sallie Mae.
  16. Bear right onto gravel path across dam.
  17. Continue on path as it curves and then to the left through a series of poetry readings.
  18. Continue left past small island in the pond (more poetry).
  19. Right across grass slope where gravel path rises up near the W&OD Trail.
  20. Right onto W&OD Trail. Follow path under Reston Parkway.
  21. Right before bridge over Town Center Parkway (almost a U-turn) to path up to Town Center.
  22. Left at short path to cross Bluemont Way onto Discovery Street (between the 2 parking garages), and return to Fountain Square through the pavilion area.



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