Course   : Reston Town Center (Alternative without dangerous road crossings)
Location: Fountain Square on Market St. off Reston Parkway  Distance: 4.95 Miles
Map: Street


  1. Start South from the Fountain on Discovery St. Cross Democracy Drive.
  2. Cross  Bluemont Way to enter the path to the W&OD Trail.
  3. Left on the W&OD Trail for approximately 1.86 miles. Left on Wiehle Ave.
  4. Continue on the path along Wiehle to pass Lake Anne, then left on Inlet Ct.  Straight on the path at the end of Inlet Ct, continuing left through the covered bridge.
  5. Continue through the tunnel under Moorings Dr. to enter Lake Anne Plaza. Continue around the lake to go over the Van Gogh Bridge. 
  6. Right on the path heading to Reston Parkway, then Left on the path along Reston Parkway.
  7. Cross  under Reston Parkway using the tunnel to the Spectrum Center.
  8. Cross New Dominion Parkway.
  9. Right on Market St. to return to the Fountain. 


Notes:: Click on the map to enlarge it


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