Course   : Women's Distance Festival  
Location: Reston Executive Center (REC) Distance: 3.1 miles / 5 km
Maps      : Street   / Satellite   


This event is a fun, 5K (3.1 mile) race or fitness walk along a tastefully decorated course for women of all ages. Welcome summer as the men cheer for the women runners and walkers. Excellent race premiums and door prizes. Handsome (they think so) male volunteers. ~ All finishers receive a special finisher's prize.~ Other great premiums and "surprises" for participants.



  1. Start in the Reston Executive Center (REC) parking lot (back side, near W&OD Trail).
  2. Loop clockwise around the REC parking lot for ½ mile and return to the W&OD trail/dirt path at far right corner of parking lot (just before the “start” area).
  3. Proceed on the path and then turn left onto the W&OD Trail. (Race sentries will be on hand to guide you).
  4. Proceed for about 0.6 mile. Just before the bridge over the Fairfax County Parkway you will turn right off of the W&OD onto the next segment. After 100 yards, make another right turn.
  5. Stay to the right of the path, and follow the path as it circles around the pond, which will be on your left. At the Y fork, go right to cross the bridge and continue to circle the pond counterclockwise.
  6. At T intersection, turn right and then hairpin left to return to W&OD.
  7. At the W&OD Trail, turn right and continue toward Herndon.
  8. Cross over the Fairfax County Parkway and in a few yards you will turn right to go slightly downhill toward the Sugarland Trail. (Race sentry will guide you).
  9. Stay straight past Sugarland Trail sign and continue onto the natural surface trail, which will veer to the left to go behind townhouse type buildings. It’s OK to wave hello to folks sipping coffee on their balcony. See, you’ve already beat someone!
  10. The natural trail will merge with an asphalt trail. There will be a water stop along the way. Continue straight until nearing Elden Street. Bear right onto natural surface trail, which will pop out onto the sidewalk at Elden and turn left off of the sidewalk back onto the asphalt path back into the woods. (Race sentry will guide you)..
  11. Stay on asphalt path to return to W&OD Trail.
  12. At the W&OD, turn left and head east toward the YMCA.
  13. You will hear a lot of cheering as you near the finish line, which will be a right turn into the back lot of the YMCA. Follow through the finish line chute and revel in your accomplishment!.
  14. Hand your bib tag to the finish line attendants and get some water!
  15. Congratulations! You finished the 5K—stay to see if your name is called for an award or raffle prize!

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