Course   : South Lakes High School  
Location: South Lakes Drive East of Soapstone Distance: 14.0 Miles
Maps      : Street   / Satellite   


  1. Starting in South Lakes High School (SLHS) west parking lot, proceed down the steps toward the track.
  2. Continue toward the rear of the school, bearing right up the access road and out of the rear parking lot.
  3. Cross Seahawk Drive and pick up the path through the townhouse clusters, following that path, across two cluster roadways, until it passes under Ridge Heights Rd.
  4. Turn right and then an immediate left as the path parallels South Lakes and crosses the Lake Thoreau dam.
  5. Follow the path into the South Lakes Shopping Center, proceeding across the parking lot (avoiding the entrance road) to the underpass under South Lakes at the far right end of the parking lot.
  6. Go through the underpass, pass along the right side of the Thoreau Place residence, turn right at the parking lot and proceed through the lot, bearing left until you reach Twin Branches Rd.
  7. Turn left on Twin Branches, down the hill past the pool, over the Lake Audubon dam, and up the hill to a wide dirt/gravel road that angles up to the left.
  8. Follow it up the hill and then down steeply.
  9. After 0.2 mile the trail forks and you go left across a wooden bridge.
  10. Continue along this rather wet trail for a quarter mile until it climbs left to a clearing along an earthen dam.
  11. At the end of the dam, go right down hill then left to continue in original direction.
  12. After 0.3 mile is a wooden bridge; cross and turn left along a major trail.
  13. After 0.1 mile you take a right up a very steep slope to the W&OD Trail.
  14. Left onto W&OD toward Herndon to right onto Michael Faraday Drive
  15. Proceed to junction with Colvin Run Trail at rear of parking lot for #1807 M. Faraday (follow white-blazed posts with horseshoes carved on them for next 4 miles)
  16. Ford small stream; bear right (not sharp right) NOTE: You are now on the Thanksgiving Day 5K course going backwards
  17. At summit of hill, continue straight-athletic field is on your left
  18. Ford small stream, climb steep hill
  19. Turn right, cross athletic field, to white posts on descending gravel trail
  20. Cross Hunter Mill Road - you're on wide dirt wooded trail Cross Carper's Farm Way **WATER POINT** (no more horse shoe posts from this point on)
  21. At three-slat fence, right onto gravel road Cross Brown's Mill Road, left over bridge over Difficult Run, then immediate right on asphalt path.
  22. Take next right (rather than climb steep hill).
  23. Right on crushed gravel trail toward Dulles Toll Road (if you get to Days Farm Drive you went too far)
  24. Cross under Dulles Toll Road, bear right on trail to roughly follow Difficult Run.
  25. Take small path on right to cross little stream.
  26. Cross Difficult Run on "fair-weather crossing", continue on gravel Hard left turn below first houses on right; cross stream and follow "CCT" sign posts
  27. Ascend bluff on gradual incline
  28. Cross small stream on foot bridge, continue looking for "CCT" sign posts
  29. Large grassy field-cross it and turn left on path Right on W&OD
  30. Follow the W&OD across Hunter Mill Road to left onto CCT trail just beyond the Buckthorn crossing
  31. Follow trail until it emerges at Twin Branches (reversing the path taken at the start)
  32. Proceed up Twin Branches, through Villa Ridge to the right, through the underpass by Thoreau Place, through South Lakes Shopping Center, along the Lake Thoreau dam, under Ridge Heights, along the path to the rear of South Lakes HS, and up the steps to the finish.



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South Lakes High School 14 Mile Trail Run-Satellite

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