Lake Newport Tennis Courts - Village Road between Brown's Chapel Road and North Village Road


Lake Newport Tennis

Baron Cameron Avenue at Village Road, Opposite Lake Anne

 6-Mile Course

 CourseView: Start Location 


  1. Exit parking area heading downhill toward Baron Cameron 
  2. Just before Baron Cameron, turn left onto trail up to Brown’s Chapel 
  3. At “T” bear right to cross wooden bridge 
  4. Stay straight on path until Wiehle Rd and turn left on path along Wiehle 
  5. Stay on path (mostly straight) until Center Harbor and turn left on path along Center Harbor 
  6. When you get to traffic light at Reston Pkwy, cross street and turn leff 
  7. At the end of North Point Village Center (NPVC), turn right on Lake Newport Rd. 
  8. In less than 100 yards, before entrance into NPVC, cross Lake Newport Rd and follow path downhill behind soccer fields. 
  9. Cross bridge 77 (Sugarland run stream)
  10. Turn Left at “T” (marker 25)
  11. Stay on path until it comes out on Bennington Woods. 
  12. Turn Right and then Left to cross Bennington Woods into Autumnwood Dr. 

13.Pass Briar Mill Ln and Winstead Ln.  After house #1628, Turn Right onto path. At “T” turn Right.

  1. When trail comes out back on Bennington Woods, cross street and turn left on path 
  2. Pass North Point/Waterside View Dr. At Steverage Rd, turn right on path into Waterside Apartments.
  3. After a few yards, turn on first left, keeping the pond on your right. 
  4. When path comes out onto Apartment entry, turn right, cross bridge, then right again, keeping pond on your right 
  5. Keep on path until path splits and keep left to come out on Fairfax County Parkway 
  6. At traffic light, cross over Walnut Branch then turn right onto Walnut Branch 
  7. After a few yards, turn left onto path 
  8. When path comes to Autumnwood Pool, turn left on path up hill 
  9. At “T” at top of hill, turn left 
  10. Turn right and follow Autumnwood Circle until it comes out on Lake Newport Rd. 
  11. Cross Lake Newport Rd and turn right on path along Lake Newport Rd. 
  12. Cross Reston Parkway and at next intersection, turn right path along North Village Rd 
  13. Keep your eye out for path on left after Newport Cove Ln. Follow path down hill. (If you miss it, just turn left on driveway into tennis court parking lot.) 
  14. Turn right at “T” to enter Tennis Court Parking lot. 
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