Reston Triathlon 2015


I was pleased to complete this year’s Reston Triathlon on a beautiful early Fall day, but this report is not about my race. Instead it is about appreciating the great people that makes Reston Runners stand out among all the running, triathlon, and bike clubs out there: shared participation and cameraderie over time.

Starting in the swim, I was doing my usual thrashing in the lake, getting punched hard in the face, and having some kids in one of the “safety kayaks” run into my head when I started thinking whether I should switch hobbies to something like stamp collecting.

But everywhere, there were friendly, familiar faces, friends.  Helpful, enthusiastic volunteers and fellow competitors. Reston Runners. It was great being cheered on at every intersection by volunteers who are serious athletes in their own right. Runners would yell out “great job” encouragement to others. I can tell you from personal experience that you don’t see that kind of cameraderie at the big impersonal triathlons (e.g. Nations, Chicago).

Commitment to the event: many train and participate year after year. Just to name a few: Deb Margraff (14), Jim Nagle (20),  Jim Bradford (21), Anna Newcomb (21), Dan Grove (26), Jerry Bonnes (30). Thanks to the RTA Board members who keep this great event going including Bunny Bonnes, Joe O’Gorman, Donna Rostant, Kevin Kunkel, and Mary Ellen Wolf.

Kudos to our award winners including Deedee Loughran, Chris Dettmar, Marcy Foster, Jeannie & David Johns, Mary Klaff, Dave Breese,  Manfred Boehringer, Bob Lambert, and (the great) Tony Panizza.  You are all inspirational (particularly Bob & Tony).  Every finisher was a Winner. 

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