Lake Anne Elementary School

North Shore Drive, One Block East of Wainwright Drive

3 Mile Walk

Measured: 3.6 miles

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  1. From Lake Anne Elementary School parking lot, turn right onto North Shore Drive.
  2. Pass Wainwright Drive once, but turn right on Wainwright the 2nd time you come to it.
  3. Left on Reston asphalt path about one block from Wainwright.
  4. Follow path through the "Summit" apartment complex and along Reston Parkway, turning right at the underpass to go under Reston Parkway.
  5. Left onto the sidewalk/path along Reston Parkway. Bear left at 2 triangles to stay close to Reston Parkway.
  6. Cross Bluemont Way and turn left to cross Reston Parkway with the walk light.
  7. Follow the asphalt path down to the W&OD Trail. Turn left on the W&OD.
  8. Continue on the W&OD Trail until Wiehle Avenue.
  9. Turn left onto sidewalk along Wiehle Avenue. Cross North Shore Drive.
  10. Turn left onto Fairway Drive.
  11. Turn left onto asphalt path just before Fairway Drive ends at North Shore Drive.
  12. At "T" intersection go right uphill to cross North Shore Drive back to Lake Anne Elementary School.



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Lake Anne Elementary School 3 Mile Walk Map

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