Course   : Lake Anne Village Center  
Location: North Shore Drive at Village Road Distance: 6.0 miles
Maps      : Street    


  1. Start in the center of Washington Plaza after walking from the parking area.
  2. Head toward Heron House, the high-rise along the right side of the lake.
  3. Follow path with lake on left. Cross bridge and immediately turn right on path.
  4. Bear right at "Y" intersection and continue under North Shore Drive at underpass for about 100 yards into Hickory Cluster.
  5. After underpass, turn right at second path intersection, near wood post with green marker #14.
  6. Follow path, bearing right to follow stream on right. At "T" intersection turn right and follow path along other side of stream.
  7. At marker #15, turn right. You've been here before. This time continue straight past marker #14.
  8. Continue straight on path, going behind Lake Anne Elementary School.
  9. Cross bridge #12 and turn right.
  10. Cross Wainwright Drive to continue on path.
  11. At marker #9, cross Wainwright Drive for the 2nd time and turn left on path.
  12. Cross Ascot Way.
  13. Cross North Shore Drive. Turn right onto sidewalk.
  14. Turn left at first asphalt path. This heads toward golf course.
  15. At brick building bear right to begin following cement sidewalk. The sidewalk will make lots of right and left turns. Just continue to follow the sidewalk. After building #11663, sidewalk turns right and then right again. Soon after this, turn left between buildings #11683 and #11685. Head toward playground.
  16. Continue to stay on sidewalk with townhouses on left and parking area on right. You'll go past 2 parking areas and a playground between them.
  17. Go left on sidewalk along North Shore Drive. When sidewalk ends turn left onto asphalt path. Pass 2 paths on right.
  18. At triangle of trees, take asphalt path to right, uphill.
  19. Continue straight on cement sidewalk. Follow right, then left, between townhouses. Sidewalk turns left, then right, right, and at "Y" go right diagonally toward Golf Course Island Recreation Area.
  20. At street turn left (don?t cross street to GCI Rec Area sign).
  21. Left on Wedge Drive (first street to left after GCI Cluster, through detached house area) for about 1/3 mile.
  22. Left on sidewalk along North Shore Drive for about 150 feet.
  23. Left on path along Wiehle Avenue for about 1/4 mile across Lake Anne dam.
  24. Left on first street after crossing dam (Inlet Court) for about 200 feet.
  25. Continue on path at end of street for about 50 yards downhill.
  26. Bear right on path near bottom of hill into woods for about 1/4 mile. When path goes uphill toward buildings, turn left downhill and then bear right just before covered bridge. Do not go over bridge.
  27. Continue through underpass under North Shore Drive.
  28. Bear Left after underpass on path for about 200 yards.
  29. Continue through underpass under Baron Cameron Avenue.
  30. Left on path after underpass.
  31. Cross bridge #3 and bear right. Baseball field will soon be on your right.
  32. Go straight at next path intersection. On your right you will pass a small grove of trees. The names on the two stones under the trees are of 2 Restonians who died in the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001.
  33. Turn right at the street.
  34. Head left on path after house #1460.
  35. Cross Greenwich Point Road and continue on path.
  36. Cross Lake Newport Road and continue on path.
  37. Continue straight to a parking lot and pick up direction #41 or ..Turn right on path at "Private Property" sign, going away from the lake.
  38. At North Village Road, turn left. Cross Regatta Lane and Bennington Woods Road.
  39. Turn left at Baron Cameron Avenue. Path will bear left, away from street.
  40. At street (Bennington Woods Road again), turn right.
  41. Cross Baron Cameron Avenue on crosswalk.
  42. Continue through Lake Anne Village Center parking lot to Start.


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