Course   : Lake Anne Village Center  
Location: North Shore Drive at Village Road Distance: 3.0 miles
Maps      : Street    


  1. After entering the plaza from the parking lot turn left towards the fountain. The lake will be on your right.
  2. Walk up the steps at the end of the plaza, cross the road, and follow the asphalt path straight ahead.
  3. Follow the path through the tunnel under Moorings Drive.
  4. After exiting the tunnel, take the path to the right.
  5. Follow the path across the covered bridge.
  6. After the bridge bear right on the asphalt path.
  7. At "T" turn right.
  8. At "Y" with green utility boxes, bear right.
  9. At triangle take the path to the left. Lake will be on your right.
  10. At the top of the hill take the sidewalk to the right around cul de sac.
  11. Just prior to the intersection with Wiehle Avenue take the paved asphalt path to the right. This will follow Wiehle Avenue across the Lake Anne dam.
  12. After crossing the dam bear right up a hill.
  13. When the path ends, take the sidewalk to the right along the road (South Shore Rd).
  14. Take the asphalt path to the right at the other end of the road.
  15. The path comes out onto a sidewalk.
  16. Follow the sidewalk to the other end of the street. Turn right on the paved asphalt path.
  17. The path becomes a sidewalk, and then at the end of the houses the sidewalk turns into an asphalt path again.
  18. At the "Y" (just beyond the playground on the left) go to the left, away from the lake.
  19. Stay on the path to go through tunnel under Fairway Drive.
  20. At "T" after tunnel go left to the sidewalk along North Shore Drive.
  21. Cross the road at the crosswalk and turn left to walk on the sidewalk. Lake Anne Elementary School will be on your right.
  22. Cross Wainwright Drive twice. After crossing the second Wainwright follow sign pointing to St. Anne’s and turn right to walk on the sidewalk along Wainwright Drive.
  23. At intersection with asphalt path, turn right, cross the street and continue on the path past marker #9.
  24. Cross street at marker #11 and go down hill, keeping pool on your left.
  25. Turn left and cross bridge #12.
  26. Continue straight ignoring offshoots to the right and left.
  27. Turn right at the wooden railing which will then be on your left.
  28. Go straight past marker #15 and through tunnel under North Shore Drive.
  29. After the tunnel follow the path slightly to the right and along the water.
  30. Turn left and cross bridge towards high-rise. Continue on the path into the plaza.


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