Course   : South Lakes Village Center  
Location: South Lakes Drive at Twin Branches Road Distance: 6.0 Miles
Maps      : Street   / Satellite   


  1. Head to the right out of the parking lot onto pathway along the lake.
  2. Left at end of lake and proceed under South Lakes Drive.
  3. Left on asphalt path after large, gray church.
  4. Follow path along lake, eventually going up cement steps and onto Owls Cove Lane.
  5. Shortly before Ridge Heights Road turn left on wide path between two RA posts.
  6. Right on pathway along South Lakes Drive.
  7. Cross Ridge Heights Road and turn right onto path. Make a U-turn to continue on path through tunnel under South Lakes Drive.
  8. Stay straight to continue on path through several housing clusters. From this point on you will be able to follow the red Lake Thoreau Loop markers.
  9. At marker #12 follow the path downhill and to the right.
  10. Immediately after tot lot, near marker #11, turn right at Y intersection.
  11. At marker #9 turn left on Upper Lake Drive. At Great Meadow, turn right and cross street to pick up asphalt path again.
  12. Cross Headlands Circle and Upper Lake Drive (again) to walk through pool parking lot.
  13. Follow path along Sunrise Valley Drive, across parking area for Lakeport gray townhouses, and between white rails.
  14. Follow path across street. Bear right behind village center and then left up to parking lot.
  15. Do the same course once more for a 6 Mile Walk.


This course is the same as the 3 Mile Walk except that you will do the same course two times.

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South Lakes Village Center 6 Mile Walk Map

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