Course   :  Herndon High School - 3 Mile Walk
Location: Herndon High School Distance: 2.8 miles
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  1. From parking lot, go left on Cross School Road
  2. Cross Bennett Street at the last entrance into the Herndon High School parking lot. Don't turn right or left on Bennett but go away from the High School, down the sidewalk adjacent to an asphalt drive. The sidewalk quickly becomes asphalt and then gravel.Turn right to go along a fence.
  3. When you come out onto a street, turn right to follow the sidewalk along Huntsman Place.
  4. Turn left at Old Hunt Way and follow the sidewalk for one long block.
  5. Turn right at Crest Drive and follow the sidewalk for one block.
  6. Crest Street ends at Herndon Parkway. Turn left and follow the sidewalk for one block.
  7. Turn left at Cavendish Street and follow the sidewalk to the end of the street.
  8. Take the asphalt path at the end of the street, slightly to the right of the cul de sac. Pass a path on the right.
  9. You are now on Hunter Creek Trail.
  10. Stay to the right at the Y intersection. The path to the left is a dead end.
  11. Continue straight past Old Hunt Path sign on the left.
  12. Turn sharp right at the next asphalt path. The path crosses Sugarland Run on columns. You are now in Reston.
  13. Stay on the path to cross another stream on columns.
  14. Turn left at the next asphalt path intersection.
  15. The path takes a sharp left and crosses the stream on a bridge, and goes up a hill between houses to get to Lake Newport Road.
  16. Cross the street and turn left on the sidewalk going downhill along Lake Newport Road.
  17. Turn left to cross the street at the sign indicating a private “pipe-stem” driveway for houses 12016 - 12018. Take the asphalt path to the right of the driveway.
  18. Follow the path to the end coming out on the cul de sac at the end of Coat Ridge Road. You have just left Reston.
  19. Take the sidewalk on the left side of Coat Ridge Road.
  20. Cross Forbes Glen Drive and Cheviot Drive.
  21. Turn left at Heather Down Drive and follow the sidewalk to the cul de sac.
  22. Take the asphalt path between the houses to the left and go down a steep hill.
  23. Cross Sugarland Run by stepping on stones (a bridge that was there got washed away). Turn right onto asphalt path at the other side of Sugarland Run.
  24. Follow the path along Sugarland Run. At T intersection turn left. Continue through the woods for a short distance, coming out behind some houses.
  25. At the next asphalt path intersection, turn right uphill.
  26. Turn right at sidewalk. Continue on sidewalk. Cross Valebrook Lane.
  27. At Kingstream Drive turn left.
  28. Continue along Kingstream Drive, crossing Kingstream Circle.
  29. At the end of Kingstream Drive turn right onto Kingstream Circle which you crossed before. Follow the sidewalk to the right.
  30. Kingstream Circle becomes Bennett Street. Return to the high school parking lot on the right.

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Herndon High School 3 Mile Walk-street

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