My name is Kalene DeHaut. I’m a social worker at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. NIMH works closely with community groups, schools, churches, and others in various capacities around mental health education and research. We are currently working with the local community to get the word out about a research study for adults in good health. Are you willing to share information about the study with your running group? There is a summary below and a flyer attached.

Many thanks for your consideration!

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Kalene DeHaut, LCSW

Office of the Clinical Director

National Institute of Mental Health IRP, NIH

10 Center Drive, Rm 4N254 

MSC 1274 Bethesda

MD 20892-1274 

Phone: 301-594-3188

NIMH Healthy Research Volunteer Study

People in good health are invited to participate as a research study volunteer. Study participants play a vital role in biomedical research by helping scientists advance knowledge and better understand, treat, and ultimately, improve health.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is conducting this study to create a list of healthy research volunteers who are interested in participating in additional NIMH studies. Data from healthy research volunteers compared to data from those with mental health conditions can help us understand why some people are affected while others are not.

We invite adults in good health, over age 18, to join the online part of the study by:

  • Registering and consenting to be in the study
  • Completing questions about your medical and mental health

Volunteers for the study will first register and consent to participate, https://nimhresearchvolunteer.ctss.nih.gov/ then complete online questionnaires which will take about 20 minutes. They can save and come back to the questionnaires, if needed.

After completing questionnaires, those who are eligible for an in-person appointment may be invited to the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. This part of the study may include:

  • Psychological and cognitive assessments
  • Physical exam, blood and urine tests
  • Learning about additional study opportunities, as well as a brain scan (MRI) for this volunteer study

There is no cost to participate, and compensation is provided for the in-person assessments. To join the study, register and consent here https://nimhresearchvolunteer.ctss.nih.gov/.



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