Thanksgiving Day

Lake Fairfax Park at Baron Cameron Avenue

5K Trail Run

Measured: ~5K

View: Start Location 


  1. Start at the highest point of the field located across the main road opposite the parking lot inside Lake Fairfax Park
  2. Following the fresh flour markings, proceed down the hill and to the left, crossing a small stream bed
  3. Turn right around the picnic table area and proceed up the steep hill to the very large playing field
  4. Go to the far right end on the field and enter the dirt trail to the right
  5. This trail emerges onto another large field; proceed across the end of this field, picking up another dirt trail into the woods
  6. Follow the flour markings along the trail as it dips up and down and turns gradually to the right, finally emerging, at the crossing of a stream bed, into a picnic table area
  7. Proceed up the hill to the right, then bear left into the camper parking area
  8. Follow the flour-marked route around the camping area, turning left onto the gravel road leading down to the dam across the southern end of Lake Fairfax
  9. Proceed across the dam
  10. Turn right running down the hill across the open field
  11. Cross the park road to your left and proceed up the hill to the start/finish line

The annual Thanksgiving morning run along this course has become a very popular tradition of the Reston Runners.

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