Reston Community Center

Hunters Woods Village Center - Behind Shops, Off Colts Neck Road

5 Mile Run

Measured: 5.0 mile

View: Start Location  



  1. Start in front of the Reston Community Center (RCC) and go south (downhill) to the left of the townhouses for about 100 yards along the path, which becomes an asphalt path.
  2. Bear Right to pass under Glade Drive.
  3. Right then left after 50 yards on the path after the underpass.
  4. Continue on the sidewalk along Colts Neck Road past Hunters Woods Elementary School for about 150 yards.
  5. Left on Steeplechase Drive for almost 1/2 mile, following narrow path along left side from Triple Crown Road for last 1/4 mile.
  6. Left on trail following the stream valley at the bottom of the hill for about 1/4 mile.
  7. Right on first trail connection, continuing along stream valley for about 1/2 mile.
  8. Cross Soapstone Drive and continue on trail through the Nature Center for 1/2 mile [Water stop at entrance to Nature Center on path just off Soapstone Drive (very hot days only)].
  9. Reverse direction at light green cable TV box on the right of the path 130 paces beyond the first path intersection on the left (you have the option of turning either left or right at the turnaround).
  10. Return to Start on the same route

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