North Hills Park Pavilion

North Course

North Village Road, 1 Block North of Center Harbor Road

3 Mile Walk

Measured: 3 mile

View: Start Location  


  1. Take path going by right of water fountain over bridge.
  2. Stay on the path which will cross North Village Road towards the North Hills pool.
  3. Turn right on North Village Road, go between two small stone walls, turn left onto path.
  4. Stay on path which will go under Wiehle Avenue.
  5. Bear right just after going under the bridge.
  6. Turn left almost immediately at "T" intersection
  7. Bear right again in about 150 yards to stay on main trail. Stay on this path ignoring paths on left and on right.
  8. Continue on path until it reaches Center Harbor Road just before Center Harbor ends in a cul-de-sac.
  9. Cross Center Harbor Road, turn right and follow sidewalk.
  10. Cross Center Harbor Place, Pavilion Club Way, and Wiehle Avenue. Follow the sidewalk past Aldrin Elementary School. (For a short walk, stay on Center Harbor to North Village Road. Go right on North Village & back to pavilion.)
  11. Turn left on Waterfront Road. Cross Belcastle Court.
  12. At Newport Shores sign turn right.
  13. Turn right onto path just before house #1460.
  14. Cross Greenwich Point Road and continue on path.
  15. Turn right at next street, Lake Newport Rd. Cross 2 streets on the right.
  16. Right on North Village Road. Pass Greenwich Point Road and Hemingway Drive.
  17. Cross Center Harbor Road -- carefully.
  18. Take path to right of St Johns Wood sign back to pavilion.

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North Hills Pavilion 3 Mile Walk Map

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