North Hills Pavilion

East Course

Picnic Pavilion - North Village Rd, north of Center Harbor Rd.

5 Mile Run

Measured: 4.9 mile

View: Start Location  


  1. Start north on North Village Road (away from Center Harbor Road), continuing for about 200 yards
  2. Right on trail just before North Hills Pool, passing under the Wiehle Avenue bridge. Zig-zag right/left after the Wiehle underpass.
  3. Bear Right in about 150 yards to stay on main trail, continuing for about 1/4 mile uphill to Center Harbor Road.
  4. Right on Center Harbor Road for about 1/3 mile to Wiehle Avenue (at traffic signal).
  5. Left on Wiehle Avenue for about 100 yards.
  6. Left on (first) Longwood Grove for about 1/4 mile.
  7. Left on Old Quincy Lane. Continue on path off cul-de-sac at end of street.
  8. Right at bottom of hill on path along Baron Cameron Avenue (Rt. 606), in direction of Wiehle Avenue.
  9. Right on path at intersection of 606 and Wiehle Avenue for about 1/2 mile.
  10. Left on Center Harbor Road at signal, continuing on path on left side for about 1/3 mile.
  11. Left on Waterfront Road for about 1/3 mile.
  12. Left on path immediately after last house on left
  13. Right at first path intersection for about 150 yards, crossing Lake Newport Dam.
  14. Proceed (carefully) down the steps into the parking lot, and follow road uphill to the right for about 100 yards.
  15. Right on North Village Road for about 100 yards.
  16. Right on first path after Regatta Lane.
  17. Left at first path intersection (bottom of hill) for about 1/4 mile, crossing Lake Newport and Greenwich Point roads as you proceed around the northern end of the lake.
  18. Left on Waterfront Road for about 1/3 mile.
  19. Left on Center Harbor Road for about 100 yards.
  20. Right on North Village Road, returning to Start in about 100 yards.
  21. North Hills Pavilion 5 Mile Run Map

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