South Lake Village Center

~12 Mile Trail Run

View: Start Location  


  1. Exit SLVC via main entrance and cross South Lakes Rd onto Twin Branches
  2. Keep on left path along Twin Branches, down hill, past Lake Audubon to path on left just past the end of guard rail.  Follow short uphill and then a steep, paved, downhill.
  3. Continue along this trail, which might be wet, for less than a mile until it climbs left to a clearing along an earthen dam.
  4. At the end of the dam, go right down hill then left to continue in original direction.
  5. After 0.3 mile cross wooden bridge then turn left along a major trail.  Remember this bridge so you’ll recognize it on the way back.
  6. Follow trail until it comes out to the W&OD Trail.
  7. Turn left onto the dirt trail paralleling the W&OD Trail.  (Note on step 13 you’ll be coming to this spot from the right.)
  8. Stay on trial until you come to Michael Faraday Ct, just after the ice rink and before Weihle.  Turn right.
  9. Michael Faraday ends in less than 100 yds.  Look for dirt trail into the wood at the end. Follow that for a few yards then cross parking area to continue on the trail.
  10. From this point, follow the CCT, noting the following:
  1. There are a few splits in the trail that re-merge after a few yards.  Go either way.
  2. You’ll cross a small stream with a T on the far side. Go right, up the hill. 
  3. There is one cross trail, where there is a sign.  Go straight.
  4. After a steep side down hill, you’ll enter Lake Fairfax Park.  (There are bathrooms in the building about 200 yds to the left.)  Turn right and then immediately left to keep on the trail. 
  5. Cross Hunter Mill Rd.
  6. Stay on trial until you come out onto Carpers Farm Way, just off Rte 7.  Water here.
  7. Follow trial on far side of Carpers Farm Way.
  8. After a straight wet glade area, cross Browns Mill Rd, cross stream on rocks, and stay on paved path for about ½ mile.  Watch for CCT sign on right and turn there.  
  9. Go under the Dulles Toll Rd and watch for 2 forks in the next ½ mile or so.  At the first keep right over a wooden bridge.  At the 2nd, keep right to cross stream on stone pillars.
  10. After 2nd stream crossing, watch for CCT sign on right, pointing to a turn on the left.  Turn left.
  11. Eventually, trail comes out to grass area ending at a wooden bridge and a T.  Turn left. 
  1. After less than ½ mile, you come back to the W&OD
  2. Turn right, following the dirt trail paralleling the W&OD.  Cross Hunter Mill Rd.   
  3. Shortly after crossing Buckthorn Rd, be looking for a sharp left to go back onto the trail you came from on Step 5
  4. Retrace the path in steps 1 – 5 back to the start.
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