Lake Fairfax Park

South End of Lake Fairfax Drive off Baron Cameron Avenue

6 Mile Walk

Measured: 6.4 mile

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  1. Start at crest of hill on entrance road into Lake Fairfax Park in main parking area.
  2. North on Lake Fairfax Drive for about 1/2 mile.
  3. Left on Hunt Club Road for about 1/3 mile.
  4. Right on Ring Road, to North Shore Drive.
  5. Right on path along left side of North Shore Drive for about 1/4 mile, passing under Becontree Lane.
  6. Right at "T" path intersection to sidewalk along North Shore Drive.
  7. Left on sidewalk along North Shore Drive, crossing Wiehle Avenue on overpass. Stay to the right towards North Shore. Go left on North Shore.
  8. Go left at Northgate Square. Immediately go right into first parking lot to start of trail.
  9. Go left on paved trail and stay left on trail as you see little covered bridge (on right).
  10. Go right on trail at next juncture.
  11. Go left at triangle-fork (you can see Lake Anne in front of you).
  12. Head up to cul-de-sac and then walk left out of Inlet Court.
  13. Go right on path just before Wiehle Avenue.
  14. Stay on path (passing Lake Anne on your right).
  15. Go right at fork, going uphill and away from Wiehle Avenue.
  16. Continue on paths and sidewalks always bearing right when there is a choice. Eventually a right will take you over a trestle bridge and onto brick walkway at Lake Anne Village Center.
  17. Go right around end of lake and before running out of walkway turn left up 2nd set of steps to a parking lot. Go right to pick up the path again. Path turns left. Continue bearing right around the lake, sometimes on asphalt paths, sometimes on cement sidewalks.
  18. At "T" intersection turn right, up cul-de-sac and out of Inlet Court (look familiar?).
  19. Go right along Wiehle with lake on the right. This time bear left at fork to stay parallel to Wiehle Avenue.
  20. At North Shore Drive turn left and cross Wiehle Avenue at traffic light.
  21. Left on fire lane. Go behind Tall Oaks Village Center. OK, you can cut through the parking lot in front .. to path between mid-rise (Fellowship House) and town homes for about 3/4 mile, staying as straight as possible. Ignore little paths on right and left.
  22. Cross Becontree Lane, pass Buttermilk Trail sign. Go uphill to Uplands Pool.
  23. Right on North Shore and right on Ring Road.
  24. Right on Hunt Club Road to Lake Fairfax Drive.
  25. Right on Lake Fairfax Dr., to the starting point at the crest of the hill on entrance road into Lake Fairfax Park in main parking area.

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