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  1. Start by turning left onto Wiehle Ave.
  2. Follow Wiehle across the Lake Anne Dam, then turn left into Inlet Cluster
  3. At the cul de sac, pick up the RA path, following it up the hill, under North Shore and under Baron Cameron Ave., bearing left after each underpass
  4. Follow path as it turns right (away from Baron Cameron) and passes along the east side of Lake Newport
  5. Right on Waterfront, following it to Center Harbor; turn left, cross Center Harbor, and turn right onto North Village
  6. At the pavilion, take the path to the left, passing to the right of the pavilion and crossing a wooden bridge
  7. Continue on path to North Village (again), turn left and left again on Wiehle, continuing to Reston Parkway
  8. Left on Reston Parkway to Lake Newport Rd (2nd water station location)
  9. After stopping for water, return on Reston Parkway (toward Wiehle), turning right onto Center Harbor 
  10. Follow Center Harbor to the end (cul de sac), turning left onto path into the woods
  11. Follow path down hill, under Wiehle Ave. and past the North Hills Pavilion to Center Harbor
  12. Cross Center Harbor and continue on North Village Rd. to Lake Newport Rd.
  13. Right on Lake Newport, crossing Reston Parkway to a second stop at the same water station.
  14. Cross Lake Newport Rd to its south-side path (opposite North Point Village Center)
  15. Follow path down hill to "T" intersection
  16. Right at the "T" to next path on the left
  17. Follow this path around the back of the recreation area (pool and courts) until it loops around to Walnut Branch Rd. (should see the Fairfax County Parkway while running the "loop")
  18. Right on Walnut Branch to the County Parkway
  19. Left on the path along the Fairfax Cnty Pkwy for about 1/4 mile , turning left on paved path just before the sound barrier, passing by small lake on your right and entering an apartment/town-home community
  20. Turn right on Bennington Woods Rd (you'll be across the street from Trader Joe's) and cross Baron Cameron at the light
  21. Pick up the path going into the woods on the far left corner of the intersection
  22. Follow this path to left on Bowman Green Drive
  23. Proceed up the right side of the hill, turning right on the concrete path about 25 yds before Reston Parkway
  24. Follow path through the tunnel under Reston Parkway, turning right at the exit, left on Temporary Rd. and right on Old Reston Ave
  25. Left on the W&OD to return to the starting point at Wiehle Ave.


  1. You can extend the course to 11 or more miles by running out and back along the W&OD Trail after returning to the starting point
  2. This course was created by Will Fraize as a simple(?) alternative to running yet another 10-miler, from this convenient starting location, out-and back along the W&OD. The main drawbacks to the course are two crossings each of Reston Parkway and Baron Cameron Ave.
  3.  You can also extend the course to 20 miles by running the 10 mile course twice, reversing the direction the second time along the course.

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