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  1. From the Commuter lot turn left onto Wiehle Avenue and follow the sidewalk to North Shore Drive.
  2. Cross North Shore Drive and turn right to cross Wiehle Avenue at the light.
  3. Left on "fire lane" route to Tall Oaks Shopping Center. Go behind the stores or through the parking lot toward Fellowship House high-rise apartment building at the far end of the parking lot.
  4. Take asphalt path that starts between the high-rise building and the townhouses.
  5. Continue on MAIN path. Ignore little offshoots on the right or left.
  6. Cross stream on footbridge.
  7. Pass bench on your right. [For a shorter walk: after passing bench on your right, go left over foot bridge onto asphalt path. Stay to the left of triangle of trees and continue on asphalt path. Stay left at the next fork (at trash can) and go left on North Shore. Go to Direction #11.]
  8. Continue straight on the path, crossing end of Becontree Lane. Pass Buttermilk Trail and go uphill to Uplands pool on Ring Road at North Shore Drive.
  9. Turn left onto path parallel to North Shore Drive. Do not go under North Shore Drive tunnel on right. Bear left to go under Beacontree Lane. (Yes, according to the signs it's spelled differently at this end.)
  10. At path intersection turn right toward North Shore. Go left on sidewalk along North Shore.
  11. Go left onto pedestrian cross-bridge to get over Wiehle Avenue.
  12. Stay to the right towards North Shore. Go left on North Shore.
  13. Go left at Northgate Square.
  14. Immediately go right into first parking lot to start of trail.
  15. Go left on paved trail.
  16. Go left on trail as you see little covered bridge (on right).
  17. Go right on trail at next juncture.
  18. Go right at triangle-fork (you can see lake in front of you). Take a quick left. Go along street in front of townhouses.
  19. At end of houses, sidewalk continues to the right. Turn left at next sidewalk intersection.
  20. At the end of this parking area, turn right onto asphalt path. At end of asphalt path, continue straight to walk through long parking area. Before leaving parking area go down steps on left to Lake Anne Village Center. Turn to the left to go around the lake.
  21. After passing high-rise apartment building, the path turns right and goes over a wooden bridge. Go straight, then turn left at the "T" intersection.
  22. Go through Waterview Cluster and continue on path, passing a dock on left. At next intersection, take path on the right, going away from the lake.
  23. Cross Sunder Court. At wooden fence bear right to go under Fairway Drive, coming up on North Shore Drive. Turn left on North Shore Drive. You will pass Lake Anne Elementary School on your right.
  24. Near Temporary Road you will need to cross North Shore Drive. Also cross Temporary Road.
  25. Go up grassy knoll at corner to park area. Cross park diagonally going past picnic pavilion. If it's muddy, continue on North Shore and take first right into parking area.
  26. Go right in parking area, going through three green wooden posts to path.
  27. Take first left. It's between large bushes and clearing before Old Reston Avenue.
  28. Cross parking area to sidewalk. Turn right.
  29. Left on sidewalk at "Y" intersection.
  30. After Bldg 1815, turn right on sidewalk. Turn left onto Old Reston Avenue and continue past old, white brick building on left.
  31. Cross street after mailbox# 1830 and turn left onto sidewalk for about 100 yards into Sallie Mae.
  32. Bear right onto gravel path across dam.
  33. Continue on path as it curves and then to the left through a series of poetry readings.
  34. Continue left past small island in the pond (more poetry).
  35. Right across grass slope where gravel path rises up near the W&OD Trail.
  36. Left onto W&OD trail. You should be back in the commuter parking lot in time for dinner.

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