Tom Conrad

  Tom Conrad at the Aspen Trail Marathon in Bend, OR - 2008.            
Name: Tom Conrad, 79; Reston (Chadds Ford Cluster)      
I am a:  Walker since 1995, when my 20 years as a runner came to an end after I tore my ACL while skiing. I had the ACL repaired and then the  other knee “cleaned out” in 1995, but never felt comfortable enough to run after that. I’m a fairly fast power walker: My goal for marathons is 13-minute miles, and my PR for 5 miles was 11:30 per mile.   
I've been a Reston Runner since:   The club was established.
PR:   My favorite dozen marathons were so different, but none was as memorable as biking across the United States.
 When I'm not pounding the pavement:    I’m an engineer -- founding principal of SCS Engineers -- and still working. My partner is Joan Waggoner, for going on 24 years. We both                                               gave up on pets when the kids grew up and moved away. I enjoy walking, biking, swimming and skiing; watching games on TV; and traveling with  friends and family, including taking the grandchildren on trips without their  parents.

   Here's my little secret: Just do it!  Sorry, I do not have a swoosh.  But Nike has it right.
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