Reston Runners Candidate StatementsFebruary 2019

Marcy Foster, Candidate for President 

I found out about Reston Runners through Anna like most people! At that point I don’t think I knew how long a marathon was, but I soon found myself in the thick of training for my first MCM. I love being a part of the RR community and will continue to emphasize the wonderful social activities we sponsor, while reaching out to the Reston area residents to encourage fitness and fun." style="top: 0px; left: 0px; width: 164px; height: 228px;">
Mike McCord, Candidate for Vice President

Hi, I'm Mike McCord, seeking re-election for a second year.  I think Reston Runners exemplifies the best of Reston – friendship, healthy living, and good conversation.  My priorities are to maintain our quality running and walking programs as we bring younger runners into our club and bring some of our elite runners back.  I will also continue working to ensure the activities and donations of the Reston Runners Community Fund reflect the values of our members.

Mary Shedlock, Candidate for Treasurer" style="top: 0px; left: 0px; width: 180px; height: 124px;">
I've been a member of Reston Runners for 15 + years who enjoys running for the fun of it.  I'm a coach for the Womens Training Program (WTP) for the past 15 years and a  co-coordinator of the WTP for the last three years.  Additionally, I’m the treasurer of the Reston Runners Community Funds since the inception of the fund.  Reston Runners keeps Reston moving and I’m glad to be part of the organization.

John Koss, Candidate for Secretary" class="s9" style="top: 0px; left: 0px; width: 172px; height: 177px; float: left;">As a Reston Runners member since 1987, participating in Club activities has long been part of my lifestyle, and an aspect of our community that I value highly.  I have enjoyed supporting the club in the RMR pre-race dinner, Youth in Motion, the 10 Weeks to 10K program, and the Pool Party.  I would like to serve for another year as Secretary to assist in conducting our finest events while continuing to improve our program.

Mary Goebel, Candidate for Director of Walking Program

Cailin Clinton, Candidate for Member at Large" class="s10" style="top: 0px; left: 0px; width: 187px; height: 236px; float: left;">Hi everyone, my name is CailinClinton. Growing up in Reston, I was thrilled to find Reston Runners when I moved back to the area after grad school in 2017. You’ve probably seen me out on Saturday and Sundays runs, and I currently help lead the Tuesday and Thursday night runs! I would love to continue to serve and support my hometown running club as a member of the board. 

Anil Goel, Candidate for Member at Large" class="s13" style="top: 20px; left: 0px; width: 174px; height: 141px; float: left;">Catherine Nelson, Candidate for Member at Large

I have been a Reston resident and an active Reston Runner since 1986. Over the years, I have been involved as an “instructor” for Youth in Motion, Director of the Reston Runners Memorial Day 10k race, and run support coordinator (and Director) for Reston Triathlon. As a long time Restonian and RR, I am looking for ways to continue to integrate running, walking and fitness into the unique and diverse community that is Reston.

Morgan Parkin, Candidate for Member at Large

Pablo Raffo, Candidate for Member at Large" class="s14" style="width: 174px; height: 168px;">

Jack Tozier, Candidate for Member at Large" style="top: 0px; left: 0px; width: 187px; height: 268px;">

As a member of Reston Runners since 1990, I want to continue to give back to a community that has provided me with great cameraderie and fitness. I have been an active volunteer, and since 2015 have been responsible for the Website and related online support including registrations and the eNews. In joining the Board, I  would look to help the Club continue to be fun and relevant for all our members.

Claire Tse, Candidate for Member at Large

RR BOARD MEETING Minutes – 12/11/18

In attendance:
Marcy Foster, President
Mike McCord, Vice President
Shandila Collins, Member at Large
Kevin Hart, Director of Walking Programs
Joan Koss, Member at Large
John Koss, Secretary
Pablo Raffo, Member at Large (U40)
Mary Shedlock, Treasurer
Jack Tozier, Member at Large

Action items are in italics with the name of the responsible person in bold italics.

Old Business

Digital Strategy and Reston Runners Publicity:

Kevin reported that advertisements in the RA circular are $75/week. The best option would be to advertise every other week, or once a month. The plan is to start advertisements in January.

Pablo will print business cards for us to leave at PRR.

John made final updates to the RR article for Around Reston. Pablo provided the pictures. The article was submitted and accepted by the Around Reston editor on December 21.

Holiday Party: A sincere thank you to Mike McCord and Donna Rostant for again graciously hosting this wonderful party at their residence on December 15th! Thanks also to those who helped with set-up.
Gifts for new members: New members will be sent a Reston Runners license plate frame and magnet through US Mail. Shandila to send contact information for new members to Jeannie Johns.

Upcoming pot lucks: Marcy will identify a person to organize potlucks on approximately a bi-monthly basis. Kevin will coordinate dates with the course committee plan so that potluck locations are near the run start/finish locations. We’ll check with Sarah H. about whether she wants to hold another Tim Cohn memorial run/potluck.
Long-term planning schedule: John will prepare a calendar of planning and reservation deadlines for our annual events. That will aid the Board in planning key preparations for annual events and programs, such as the annual meeting, the annual election cycle (Jan-Feb), and RRCA renewal (December).

RR document Repository: Pablo will create a repository, accessible to Board members by password, to store documents relating to Club business.

Facebook inquiries: The Club sometimes receives inquiries on Facebook about its programs. Mike McCord offered to monitor the page and respond to inquiries, and Joan will assist.
New Business:
Commemorative Brick: Ed Hass sent an email to the Secretary with a recommendation that the Club purchase a large brick from the Reston Historic Trust to be installed at Lake Anne Plaza, to commemorate Joe Fleig as founder and first President of Reston Runners. The Board discussed the recommendation and voted to purchase a brick commemorating the founding and continuing mission of Reston Runners, without anyone being named on the brick. John will coordinate wording on the brick with the Board and submit the order before the January 10th due date.
Election schedule: the annual cycle for nomination and election of Club officers is about to begin. Each event on the schedule will generally be one week earlier this year than it was last year, since the annual meeting is scheduled for February 23. John has coordinated the schedule with Dave Breese, who administers the processes, and Jack, who assists with the membership roster.
RRCA renewal and insurance: John will complete Reston Runners’ registration with Road Runners Club of America, including insurance coverage, by December 31. Jack has provided a final membership roster, current as of mid-December.
Winter Training Program: One of the suggestions received in the membership survey was that the Club conduct a Winter Training Program. Coach Liz Bagley has offered to do this on a fee basis. The Club also has certified coaches who might be willing to lead the program. The Board would like the program to focus on half marathon training to align with the Runners’ Marathon of Reston. Kevin will discuss with Ellen whether she would lead the program.
RMR Course Familiarization Run: The Board would like to get a familiarization run on the course calendar. Jack will contact Dennis to arrange it.
Litter Pickup: The next litter pickup will be in the spring (March or April.) Participants will be encouraged to wear a Reston Runners shirt to identify this activity with the Club.
Membership Renewals: Many memberships expire in December. The Club needs to remind members to renew, on the eNews and the website, and with announcements at the weekly runs.
Treasurer’s report: The Board intends to post a financial statement of the Club’s account on the Web Site. This will be done in January or February.
Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting will be held on February 23rd.
Next meeting date and place: The next meeting will be held on January 12th, after the run.


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